Occupancy By-Law (By-Law No. 17)

Article 1: About this By-Law

Article 2: Members' Rights

2.1 Use of a Unit and the Co-op’s Facilities
The co-op gives members the right to:
• live in their housing unit
• use their parking space if any,
• use the co-op’s common facilities, and
• be involved in the governance of the co-op.

Members have to follow co-op by-laws in using these rights.

Occupancy By-law Second Edition – ©2016 Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada & Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto 6

Article 3: Members' Contributions

Article 4: Setting Housing Charges

Article 5: Members' Units

Article 6: Use of Units

Article 7: Behaviour

Article 8: Members Households and Guests

Article 9: Household Size

Article 10: How Members Withdraw from the Co-op

Article 11: Dealing with Arrears and Late Payment

Article 12: Dealing with Problems

Article 13: Eviction Procedures

Article 14: Alternatives to Eviction

Article 15: Appeals to Membership

Article 16: Legal Action

Article 17: Miscellaneous